Judith Butler’s Idiot Children

If a “victim,” by definition, cannot be a “bully,” especially when attacking a member of a group deemed to be the bullies, then one can wash away the original sin of bullying by joining or even creating a community of the bullied:

Part of what has made the transgender cult so obnoxious to so many people is that postmodern gender theory promotes self-created victimhood, a counterfeit of genuine oppression which, as those familiar with Gresham’s Law understand, leads to a devaluation of victimhood. If a member of the most “privileged” group (white heterosexual males) can gain victim status merely by calling himself “her” (or “they” or “ze”), and identifying as a nonbinary genderqueer translesbian, what does this tell us about the validity of the “social justice” worldview?

Well, it tells us that said worldview is stupid, but the stupidity of a particular worldview did nothing to stop Bolshevism, postmodernism or the latest dance craze from becoming generally accepted and even celebrated by the broader culture. Hence, the most cutting-edge research in any Humanities or Social Sciences department will inevitably be dedicated to uncovering and holding aloft the next big victim group to which people never even knew they belonged until five minutes ago. (Trust me, I was there when the transgender mania was but a twinkle in the eye of the Gender Studies crowd.)

One’s cultural cachet, then, becomes a matter not only of identity, but of which identity has a more miserable time in life simply because of said identity. Thus the tortured logic of the so-called “progressive stack,” in which an ever changing hierarchy of victimhood is erected in order to determine who is allowed to bully whom.

None of this will end well, but I plan to be living in a rural compound when it happens.


Author: TrashTown

Fan of the arts, crypto right wing, bad Christian.

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