Never Apologize, Never Explain

Something tells me that even the University of California took one look at David Hogg and said, “Oh, hell no. We have enough of that already.” And Laura Ingraham? If you won’t make fun of this kid, someone is going to have the pleasure of taking up your slack:

Laura Ingraham rightly made fun of David “Totally Not a Crisis Actor” Hogg because he’s been getting rejected from various universities, then promptly backed down and apologized when the media’s little darling affected to have gotten his feelings hurt. As you can imagine, her apology completely resolved the situation, because SJWs always refrain from taking advantage of an apologetic conservative rolling over and showing his yellow belly.

I don’t care if they’re “just kids.” If they’re receiving money from government-sponsored entities who are helping them organize protests with the end goal of curtailing a basic right, some light mockery from a radio talk show host should be the least of their concerns. Unfortunately, by apologizing Ingraham lost the war before the battle even started. She has, by her actions and without a single bluff, admitted that she needs her advertisers more than they need her.

Anyone who has paid attention to popular culture over the last 30 years knows that at some point David Hogg will be arrested for domestic battery against his “roommate.” After that will come the tearful admission to Barbara Walters of a drug / alcohol problem, followed by David coming out as transgender. This whole thing will be forgotten, and hopefully Laura will be forgotten as well.



Author: TrashTown

Fan of the arts, crypto right wing, bad Christian.

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